News from SAXONIA and the KERN-LIEBERS Group of companies

Ø 17.9 years of staff membership

SAXONIA Umformtechnik GmbH impresses with its Swabian down-to-earth attitude and a great working atmosphere


The average length of staff membership in Germany in 2020 was 10.1 years. Since 2014, the length of employment has

increased by an average of 0.1% annually and should therefore amount to 11.1 years in the current year (2021). This corresponds to an increase of 0.2% compared to the previous year.

SAXONIA Umformtechnik GmbH up the ante and impresses with an average length of staff membership of 17.9 years (as of 2020).

The fun in the common cause is something that strongly shapes the we-feeling at SAXONIA Umformtechnik GmbH.

When there is sand in the transmission, everyone thinks about solutions. You can feel this solidarity every day. That leads to the fact that you grow together as a team.

Don’t change a winning team.