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SAXONIA expands its commitment



Big changes always start on a small scale - Saxonia has taken this to heart and is expanding its commitment to sustainability: In mid-June, a total of six wildflower islands were created around the Saxonia Umformtechnik administration building. What was an unspectacular mound of dirt at the beginning is intended to offer bees and other insects a colorful variety of flowers in the middle of a built-up industrial area in the long term.

Thanks to the very changeable weather of the last few weeks with sun and rain, the seeds had ideal conditions for growing. For a few days now we have been able to welcome our first guests to the islands' still tender flowers: busy bees and bumblebees fly from flower to flower.

In the next few weeks the flowers will continue to grow and hopefully produce lots of colorful blooms. In this way we counteract the increasing extinction of species on a small scale.