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Plastics technology

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SAXONIA is the plastics specialist within the KERN-LIEBERS Group.

Using different technologies, we produce high quality plastic-metal solutions.

Insert technology

With a perfectly precise metal parts production and coordinated injection molds, we are creating the prerequisites for the production of metal-plastic composites that do not require post-processing.

Outsert technology

Locally limited molded plastic structures play a key role in the optimization of components. Here are some examples: Combination of material properties, noise reduction, avoiding dry operation, improving anti-friction properties, reduction of wear, improvement of size accuracy, avoiding warping.

During multi-component injection molding, two or more types of plastic can be injected into the injection mold at the same time or one after the other. The "composite" of these plastics can, in addition to the usual "mechanical anchoring," also be secured by using certain combinations of material (possibly by making the respective modifications to these materials) with direct adhesion (without adhesives).

If you need a "real" sealing function, we have experience with spraying on connecting elastomers. Here, too, direct adhesion (without adhesives) can be achieved with certain particular material combinations.

The integration of sealing or damping functions allows assembly costs to be reduced and process reliability to be increased.

Industry applications