From an idea to series production


As part of our quality advanced planning, we develop all required testing methods to guarantee that your product has the highest degree of reliability.

Together with our quality policy, this allows us to meet the highest standards.

Crafting quality

  • We don't want merely satisfied customers, we want enthusiastic customers too
  • To us, quality is more than the product. Quality is the essence of everything we do
  • Quality is the responsibility of every employee
  • Managers serve as role models for employees
  • We plan quality from the development of the product to the end of series production
  • You can find our quality certificates here.

Customer focus

  • Competent and pleasant cooperation
  • Optimal customer service and quick response times
  • Quick operation with regard to quality and costs
  • Flawless products and services
  • Deadlines and commitments you can count on

Errors don't stand a chance

  • Preventative quality assurance
  • Stable and safe processes
  • Continuous improvement and corporate suggestions system
  • Training of all employees to act with quality on their mind
  • We analyze risk and take steps to avoid mistakes across the value chain in order to guarantee top quality and product safety

Competitiveness and market leadership

  • Open to new processes and methods
  • Continuous research and develop to ensure we know what the market wants
  • Building development partnerships with customers
  • Uniform quality standards and systems in all companies of the Group
  • In-house training of experts and continuous training of employees
  • Sustainable use of resources

The quality assurance process at SAXONIA starts during the bidding phase and continues from the moment we get the bid to the end of series production.

Future-oriented quality advanced planning methods, such as APQP, FMEA, a product control plan (CP), testing plan, MSA / testing process suitability according to VDA Volume 5, capability studies(Cmk, Ppk) and PPAP/PPF are used extensively to make this happen.

In our machine and testing equipment development department, we implement your testing requirements individually for each workpiece.

Throughout series production, we use SPC, Poka-Yoke solutions and fully automatic testing procedures. All quality data is archived in our CAQ system and is available for analysis and tracing.

We use the following CQI standards:

  • Heat treatment CQI-9
  • Galvanic coating CQI-11
  • Surface treatment CQI-12
  • Welding processes CQI-15

The basis of quality advanced planning at SAXONIA is software-supported FMEA creation.

True to the motto "Quality is produced and not controlled" we are using FMEA early on in the process to identify and avoid potential sources of errors quickly. With the 5-step method according to VDA 4.3, we are using the latest techniques for FMEA creation.

Amongst others, SAXONIA uses these types of surface tests throughout the process:

  • 3D surface testing procedure
  • Interferometry
  • Tactile measuring systems
  • Thermography
  • Ultrasound sensor system
  • Image processing

SAXONIA conducts the following special tests in our in-house laboratory:

  • Microstructure and structure testing (edge hardness, core hardness and nitride layers, laser welds) through metallographical examinations
  • Rapid corrosion test according to Heyn
  • Tensile and compression test using the universal testing machine

A great emphasis in modern precision systems is placed on avoiding dirt and particles.

There are many national and international testing requirements for residual dirt analyses. SAXONIA performs residual dirt analyses in accordance with these testing requirements in its in-house lab or with the help of external specialists.

The results of these tests are, for example, documented and evaluated in accordance with VDA Volume 19.

In spite of all preventative quality measures, in some cases an absolute quality cannot be achieved. In these cases, after consulting with the customer, SAXONIA uses manual or automated 100% tests.

Some examples:

  • Eddy current testing
  • Surface analyses
  • Torque analyses
  • Leakage tests
  • Functional tests
  • Third party component testing
  • Flatness testing
  • All types of geometrical testing

The in-house special machine construction department specializes in the product-specific development of optical-tactile test machines. Geometry and surface inspections performed by high-resolution vision systems with specific lighting concepts are adapted to their respective tasks by hardware and software specialists.

We monitor the process inline or through a 100% final inspection with a time-neutral repeat measurement accuracy of less than µ. Surface defects can also be detected in this way.

Use of laser-based measurement methods for samples, inline process control or the 100% final inspection.


  • Laser interferometry
  • Laser triangulation
  • Light section method

SAXONIA uses all common and industry standard 2D and 3D measurement methods in air-conditioned measuring rooms

The digitalization of components using a 3D laser scan process (GOM) and the associated analyses is our specialty.

Our employees receive regular training on how to handle "special features" and "product safety."

Product safety representatives ensure that all safety-related customer specifications at SAXONIA are met.

Industry applications