Precision machining

Fine-tuning for everybody!

Laser technology

SAXONIA uses different laser systems that are tuned to meet the respective requirements. 

LASER Marking/Inscribing

Current developments with regard to standards and laws demand the complete and clear traceability of parts in the automotive industry.

Laser markings are ideally suited for this task. They are even able to withstand chemical and thermal stresses over a long period of time.

SAXONIA offers a wide variety of marking options.

LASER Welding

Laser beam processing is a top priority for SAXONIA. For many years, laser welding has been used in large-scale production as a highly precise joining process with low heat input. Depending on product requirements and material characteristics, both pulsed lasers and continuous beam lasers are used. The highly automated processes, together with special testing systems, guarantee a flawless parts quality even when the highest standards have to be met.

Industry applications