Heat & surface treatment

Make your components unique

Surface treatment

We offer a wide range of surface treatments – competent, reliable, innovative.

Galvanized surfaces

  • Chem. Nickel
  • Tinning
  • Galvanizing
  • Passivating
  • etc.


  • Thick layer 5-10 g/m²
  • Thin layer 2-3 g/m²

Zinc flake coating

  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Friction-resistant additive
  • etc.

Lubricating coating

  • Molykote (MoS2)
  • Teflon (PTFE)
  • etc.

Coated and powder-coated surfaces

  • KTL coating


  • Perfect rounding of edges (even in case of very narrow component parts)
  • Optimally smoothed surface

Cleaning requirements

  • Deoiling, degreasing or heat treatment
  • Deoiling, degreasing prior to shipment
  • Removal of dirts and chips
  • Meeting the restrictive residual dirt standards of the automotive industry
  • Meeting the restrictive residual dirt standards of the medical industry

Cleaning agents

  • Hydrocarbons

Cleaning support

  • Washing basket movement (lifting, lowering, swinging and turning)
  • (Pressurized) flooding or spraying of the medium
  • Ultrasound

Checking the cleaning effect

  • Visual check (microscope)
  • Residual dirt standards in accordance with VDA Bd. 19
  • Adhering to internal and customer-specific purity levels

Industry applications