Our actions are focused on our customers.

Corporate philosophy

Our customers and their satisfaction are the focus of everything we do. All processes must be oriented toward benefiting our customers.

Our solutions support our customers as they try to achieve their goals. Together with our suppliers, we can only flourish in the long term when our customers trust us and are satisfied with us. That is why it is our goal to ensure that we optimally serve our customers at all of our locations.

Our customers

Our actions are dictated by customer benefit and customer focus. With our solutions, we support our customers as they try to achieve their goals and guarantee long-term success.

Our quality

We are guided by a zero error policy with regard to all of our products, processes and services. It is reflected by our employees at all locations across the globe.

Our solutions

We foster innovation and, on our part, also view the innovative thoughts of our business partners as a benefit. We are open to new processes, procedures, materials and concepts. Synergies within the Group make unexpected solutions possible.

Our group of companies

As an independent corporation, we know that the success of the Group as a whole depends on the performance of each individual. That is why all companies that are part of the Group abide by the philosophy of quality with which the name KERN-LIEBERS is associated. In addition, when developing markets, we value the cultural differences that shape our locations across the globe and provide them with a unique identity.

Our employees

We rely on the loyalty and know-how of our employees. Their commitment and effort are a key factor for the success of the company. We assign every employee a clearly defined task and, within the scope of their responsibilities, foster independent actions, initiative and creativity.

Our integrity

When we work with customers, suppliers, service providers and community groups, integrity and reliability are of the utmost importance. We believe it is our corporate responsibility – throughout the entire Group – to treat business partners, employees and resources with respect. We contribute to the communities in which we are based by being engaged locally and regionally.